Give the "cool" policy, fight the high temperature, and work together against the "heat"!

Time : 2022-08-12

This summer, the repeated outbreaks in many parts of the country and the record high temperatures have brought great challenges to the workers who stick to the frontline of the project. However, with their perseverance, high work enthusiasm and serious work attitude, they still catch up with the work schedule and ensure the progress, and sweat in their posts under the scorching sun.

The intense heat not only tests the staff who stick to the frontline, but also affects the hearts of all the staff of the Group. The headquarters of the Group and several regional companies have successively led teams to various projects under construction to pay tribute to front-line employees who insist on working under high temperature and give them a touch of summer"Cool".

Group headquarters

sevenmonthnineteenOn October, Luo Yongfu, Dai Ying, Lai Yeyun, vice presidents of the Group, and Shao Junya, chief engineer, led two teams to carry out high-temperature condolences to the project department under construction in Shanghai, and to send condolences and care to the project workers who stuck to the front line in the heat. The consolation team also had a discussion with some workers' representatives to understand their actual situation in work, and told them to strengthen their safety awareness and work in peace of mind on the project. The company will try its best to solve the practical difficulties of front-line workers and make a strong guarantee.

Zhejiang Branch

sevenmonthnineteen日起,Zhejiang Branch对各在建项目开展夏季高温慰问。分公司副总经理夏柏生率慰问小组,前往在建项目部看望慰问坚守高温一线的建设者。分公司要求,要把防暑降温工作落实到每位一线工人,切实保障广大一线工人的健康安全,激发他们爱岗敬业的热情。

Jiangsu Company

sevenmonthtwenty日上午,Jiangsu Company副总经理赵介林、总工程师纪庆国带队开启夏季高温慰问活动,深入施工现场,慰问坚守在一线的“最可爱的人”,为他们送去防暑降温用品,送去清凉和关怀。分公司要求各项目部严格执行错峰施工“避高温”措施,加强食宿管理保障质量提高,配备配全各类防暑药品,继续保持常态化疫情防控管理,确保高温期间工地安全生产。

Tianjin Branch

sevenmonthtwenty日,Tianjin Branch 前往津滨大道项目部进行高温慰问,对工友们不畏高温、忠于职守、辛勤工作表示感谢。分公司要求项目部要合理安排作业时间,尽量减少高温时段户外工作,切实维护职工劳动安全卫生与健康权益,最大限度减少疫情和夏季高温天气因素叠加给职工生产生活带来的不利影响,确保职工的劳动安全和身体健康,清凉、平安度夏。

Wenzhou Branch

In recent days, Wenzhou has continued to appear in various regionsThe phenomenon of "inflammatory value explosion" was monitored by the National Meteorological Stationforty-one point eightThe extreme high temperature of ℃ broke the historical record of Wenzhou.sevenmonthtwenty-five日,Wenzhou Branch对各项目部开展了高温慰问,带去集团的关怀与牵挂,并为项目工人送上了高温慰问品。各项目部也为施工人员提供了相应的降温解暑措施,现场提供了绿豆汤、冷饮、藿香正气水等相关物品。

Henan Branch

sevenmonthtwenty-six日,Henan Branch开展夏季高温慰问活动,前往各在建项目为在一线工作的员工送去夏日的清凉和暖心的问候。分公司负责人叮嘱一线工人们要提高防暑降温意识,提高应对恶劣天气的警觉性,也嘱咐项目管理人员要继续关注和改善一线员工生产生活条件,合理安排施工时间,切实做好防暑降温工作。

Hubei Branch

sevenmonthtwenty-six-2seven日,Hubei Branch开展“情系农民工,夏日送清凉”的夏季慰问活动。工程部肖磊代表分公司为管家巷励志文化商业街区及国投·华电蔚蓝海岸项目部一线人员送去防暑降温物品,将关怀和慰问送至每位一线工人们的心中,并对一线工人们再三叮嘱,大家在工作中一定要做好防暑降温工作,身心健康,才能更高效地完成各项工作任务。

Hunan Branch

sevenmonthtwenty-six日起,Hunan Branch工程经理黄怡带队,先后走访了大陆新厂房和株洲圣桦锦悦府项目工地,向坚守在高温一线的建设者们送上亲切慰问,同时也带去了分公司为他们准备的夏季清凉用品,并对他们的辛勤付出表示感谢。

Ningbo Branch

连日来,Ningbo Branch兵分多组,深入工地现场,开展“夏送清凉”活动,为奋战在高温下的建筑工友送去慰问和清凉。Ningbo Branch在现场传达了市住建局《关于进一步做好全市夏季高温、台风和汛期建筑施工安全生产工作的通知》精神,提醒各项目要切实关心一线从业人员的身体健康和劳动安全,务必把防暑降温工作放在心上,把安全防范工作落在行动中。同时,嘱咐工人们要劳逸结合,做好自我防护。

Hainan Branch

eightmonthone日,Hainan Branch总经理于中涛率队来到金牛岭项目部、天街华府项目部开展高温慰问活动,为员工送上了藿香正气水、防暑药品、毛巾等防暑物品,同时叮嘱大家在保质保量完成任务的前提下要科学调整作息时间,安全作业,劳逸结合,做好防暑降温。

In addition, Hangzhou Chengtou Construction Co., Ltd., Dadi Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Long Yuanshenghong and other subsidiaries of the Group also went to the project department one after another to send cool and comforting articles to the front-line workers, and to learn about the project progress and heatstroke prevention measures in detail. They urged the workers to properly arrange their work and rest time, pay close attention to safety and progress, and at the same time do a good job of personal protection to prevent heat stroke.

Thanks to all the workers who braved the heat and stuck to the front line, you have worked hard! At present, the hot weather is still continuing, and the epidemic situation of Neocoronal Pneumonia is still repeated. In order to actively cooperate with the national epidemic prevention work, some branches in medium and high risk areas did not organize high temperature condolence activities, but the company always cares about the safety and health of front-line workers. I hope all Longyuan people can devote themselves to the next stage of work with healthy body, optimistic attitude and full enthusiasm.